BPEL & BPEL4People, what’s the difference?

What is BPEL4People exactly and how does it relate to BPEL, the standard language to describe business processes (Business Process Execution Language).

Manoj Das has written an article in SOA Magazine, describing the need for BPEL4People.

When we want to automate a business process we need to be able to define system and human tasks within the process. E.g. before an order may be billed to the customer, the HR manager needs to approve and validate this order. This step is were Bpel4People comes in, the person needs to have the ability to approve certain tasks within the bpel process.

Using Oracle BPEL we can already use human task interaction using the Oracle extension made available. By standardizing this human taks interaction the bpel process will be supported on any operating system.

For more information regarding BPEL4People, read the following Article.