Data Integration Services – Consolidate your data (sources)

When talking about data integration services and depending on the audience you’re talking to, this could be:

  • Data needs to flow between different applications, instead of persisting the data on different data containers => Data Consolidation, Data messaging
  • Extract, transform and load => data warehousing, data consolidation
  • Services that are offered within an enterprise, or enterprise-wide, to share data => web services, messaging services, Service Bus, …

In other words, data integration services can hold a number of key performance indicators which are defined by the business metrics and requirements.

Besides the integration-aspect, the data-aspect is even more crucial such as defining the Enteprise Information Model so every consumer perceives the data in the same manner.

In regards to this aspect and the retail-sector, there’s an interesting blog-post regarding the Oracle Retail Data Model (ORDM).

OWB 10g R2 : Help! Where are my windows?

Imagine … You’re enthousiastically editing a table in the Object Editor of OWB Paris. You minimize the Object Details window, and drag it to somewhere on the screen … Unfortunately, by a “slip of the mouse”, you drag it outside the OWB master window, for instance into your Windows task bar … Uups! The Object Details are … GONE! Although, according to the menu, the Object Details should still be visible !?

Un-checking and re-checking the Object Details in the menu doesn’t help; closing and re-opening the Object Editor doesn’t solve the problem either; even restarting OWB does not bring back the Object Details.

However, there is a way to “fix” this : in the folder [OWB_HOME]\owb\bin\admin, hence, there are a couple of XML-files, one of which is : SchemaEditorLayout.xml.
You should replace this file with an old copy of the same file that you got from another client install who hasn’t its Object Details vanished …

Closing en re-opening the editor should bring back the Object Details.

Tip : since I experienced this phenomenom, I made a backup of the *.xml files mentioned above … just in case, as this issue does not only apply the the Object Editor …