EAI – Enterprise Application Integration

EAI enables companies to integrate transaction-driven architecture inside their middleware.

Using standards such as EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), Web Service Standards for synchronous and asynchronous messaging, fault handling, etc. Service Bus for transformation and virtualisation will provide integration hooks for as well legacy applications as existing applications.

They can interchange data and messages using an Enterprise Information Model in which the different data structures are defined using one common language.

Using adapter software, JCA (Java Connector Architecture), will allow you to integrate different applications in a technology agnostic manner. Using these adapters will then allow you to interchange data and messages without knowing the details of the underlying architecture of the legacy or existing applications.

In other words EAI will offer you a standards based transaction-driven approach to interconnect your diverse applications making use of 1 single source of thruth/failure.

Oracle Open World – Forms Modernization & Data Integration

From the 21st of September until the 25th 2008, Oracle OpenWorld 2008 wil take place in San Francisco. Oracle OpenWorld 2008 is the world’s largest gathering of Oracle customers, partners, developers, and technology enthusiasts.

Two sessions will be given by iAdvise/O2U at Oracle OpenWorld 2008:

  • O2U is proud to present it’s customer case study: The ZLM Case: New Forms Modernization Case Study using Oracle Forms, Web Services, JDeveloper and ESB (Hans Heremans, Nathalie Roman)

In this case study, we will showcase how you can modernize an existing Forms Application to move towards a SOA Environment. The existing Forms and web application will be sharing web services orchestrated using an Enterprise Service Bus.

In the second presentation we will talk about the data integration aspects in which different approaches and toolings will be discussed.

  • The Next Generation of Business Integration: Making the right choice! (Hans Heremans, Nathalie Roman)

In this presentation a practical overview will be given of the Data Integration and Management requirements that are needed for data integration projects today. Having a look at the different aspects that aren’t addressed in current integration projects and how these can be leveraged using the Oracle Technology Stack. Using Oracle Warehouse Builder, Oracle Data Integrator ODI Suite or SOA Suite, you’re able to address all the needs of today’s Business Integration.

If you’re interested in attending these sessions (forms, webservices, data integration, …) :

  • S298887, “Oracle Forms in an SOA World,” on Tuesday, September 23;
  • S301400, “The Next Generation of Business Integration: Making the Right Choice” on Wednesday, September 24.

I hope to see you all there !