ODTUG Webinar: “Oracle ADF Immersion: How an Oracle Forms Developer Immersed Himself in the Oracle ADF World”

On Oracle Open World we had the chance to present our “Oracle ADF Immersion” track thanks to the ADF EMG.
In case you couldn’t attend OOW or missed the session, you’ve got another chance: on january 10, 2013 we will present it as an ODTUG Webinar.

We will show you how you can start with ADF, coming from an Oracle Forms(or non-java) background.
You can register for the webinar here.

If you like to join the ADF EMG, don’t hesitate, it’s a free ADF usergroup!

ODTUG first day ApEx roundup

The ApEx Symposium on the first day of ODTUG is over. It was a great day full of very interesting presentations. The day started with Joell Kallman presenting the keynote: Application Express: Ahead of the Curve. A very interesting and amusing presentation about the possible future of ApEx.

After Joell it was my time to present ‘APEX at Brussels Airport‘. I had a limited time slot of 30 minutes but at the end I had a good feeling about my presentation. Seeing I got several questions after the presentation, I hope I helped some people with giving them new ideas for possible technical solutions.

During the symposium I saw some very nice presentations giving all sorts of approaches for developing ApEx applications. At the end of the day there was an ApEx Panel Discussion with:
David Peak
– Joell Kallman
Patrick Wolf
John Scott

Everyone (including moderator Scott Spendolini) got a chance to ask questions about ApEx with some interesting discussions following.

I’m looking forward to monday where Michael Hitchwa will be presenting Oracle Application Express 4.0.

ADF EMG at ODTUG, OKUG, google-group …

This group is a place to discuss best practices and methodologies for JDeveloper ADF Enterprise development, including effort by “experts” in ADF to discuss high level issues than those discussed on the OTN JDeveloper Forums.

This effort is an overall part of getting ADF experts, advocates and programmers to start collaborating at user group events and OOW to get “ADF out there”.

What does the ADF EMG stand for?

Meanwhile, for those who are looking for something of substance, we’ve recently centralised previous efforts of the group from the Oracle Wiki to this group.

If you select the “Pages” link to the right of the Group window, it’ll list useful content including:

During the Middleware and SOA Session at the Sundown Sessions, we will be further discussing these deliverables and other aspects that have been mentioned on our group.

You can find more information regarding ADF EMG and the ACE program during ODTUG, at: http://www.odtugkaleidoscope.com/acedirector.html

Simon Haslam has submitted an Abstract regarding the ADF EMG take aways for OKUG as well. So if you can’t attend ODTUG, you certainly need to attend OKUG!

ODTUG : ApEx Symposium

ODTUG 2009 in Kaleidoscope is coming very close. I will be presenting: Mission Critical APEX – APEX at Brussels Airport in the category Customer Success.

The ApEx Symposium will start on Sunday 21 JUN and I will be first after the keynote of Joel Kallman.

I started to prepare quite late as I never got an answer on my abstract BUT it seemed that all mails from ODTUG for some reason came into my junk mail folder. A good reason to not just delete any message that lands into it, totally my own fault.

A colleague found my name on this website, from then on I could confirm for ODTUG.

I’m looking forward to the next sessions:

Dietmar Aust: PDF Printing with APEX—A Cost-free Alternative
Roel Hartman: How to Integrate APEX and Oracle Forms?
John Scott: Increasing Scalability with Oracle Application Express
Patrick Wolf: The Quest for the Hidden Treasure of Oracle APEX

And there are at least 10 other sessions I want to attend to, there are so many session that it is very difficult to choose from them.

See you at ODTUG!!

ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2009 – Must attend event of the year!

The previous year we went to ODTUG to talk about our quality assurance toolkit developed for ApEx. This year we’re going to talk about data integration services delivered using OBI EE, ODI and of course Oracle Warehouse Builder.

And I’m also very pleased to announce the ‘ADF Methodology for the Masses’ community will also present during this developers’ event.
During the sundown session of the ACE’s you will become more familiar with the program and of course we will try and provide the necessary take aways for everyone interested in ADF Development. If you’re interested in what we’ve achieved so far and would like to join our community to exchange experience and knowledge: the Oracle wiki page, the google group.

More than 150 technical sessions, more than 30 hands-on sessions and of course the chance to meet the community and exchange knowledge and experience … the ROI for any developer using Oracle technology is delivered during this conference.

So don’t hesitate, let’s register for ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2009 !

We’re attending, that’s for sure ;o)

ADF Methodology Group

Together with Chris, Andrejus, Wilfried and several other ACE’s and ACE Directors we’ve been discussing the need for an ADF Methodology.

Chris has started up this thread, and finally on ODTUG we’ve decided to kick-off on Open World Unconference. We will be running an ADF Methodology session at Oracle OpenWorld as part of the un-conference program.

You can read about this session in this Oracle wiki page.
This is definitely a must attend session for anyone who is doing ADF work – you can register here.
That said aside, our Google group is also worth reading in the meantime, you can check it out here.

ODTUG: My Non-Apex sessions

The main reason for me to come to the ODTUG conference was — besides presenting our own paper — to see what other Oracle users are doing with the tool. So, most of the sessions I followed were Apex-related. As you can read on different other blogs, it is clear that Apex is hot. So, it is the right momentum to start using the tool, if you not already did.

But I also tried to follow some other sessions. A short impression:

Service-enable Oracle E-Business Suite with Oracle SOA Suite BPEL Process Manager“, by Basheer Khan. Basheer is a very gentle and nice person, especially for newbies. I met him during the “Presenters Drink” where he invited me to his session. During his presentation he showed how to create a BPEL process that integrates with Oracle E-Business Suite using Web Services. When you are used to Apex, is this a totally different world, but a world that sooner or later we will also need to integrate within Apex.

Since I doing also a lot of pre-sales activities and always get some questions on Oracle Forms, I decided to attend a session on this matter: “How to Turn Older Oracle Forms Applications into a SOA Application“. Grant Ronald did the introduction. He emphasized (again) that Oracle Forms is not going away, but that you need start looking at other tools and technologies. His most important message was that — for Oracle customers struggling with the question which Oracle tool they need to choose — it is no longer an OR … OR decision, but rather an AND … AND… solution. An Oracle Forms application can continue existing, aside an ADF application with SOA integration or even an apex development environment for enterprise-alike applications. I have the impression that the ADF-guru’s are not yet convinced by this, but a comment of Tom Kyte on an “Apex versus ADF” post is very enlightening on this matter: “APEX is as capable of building an enterprise-y application as anything else. … APEX can build anything from tiny to huge – you do not need the infrastructure and overheads the java environment would pull along in order to build big. … There are times for Java, there are times for APEX, there are times for each of the tools – they have their strengths and weakness.

Of course, I also wanted to attend a session of Steven Feuerstein, thé PL/SQL Evangelist. This is real entertainment, but with a high level of knowlegde transfer, maybe we should call it “knowledge-tainment”. All his “knowledge” can be found on his site and the presentation on Weird PL/SQL can be downloaded from here.

The most interesting session for me (besides the apex ones) was given by Sue Harper: “Oracle SQL Developer: An Overview and New Feaures“. The most recent version (1.5) confirms the fact that it becomes a valid and mature alternative for the Toads or SQL Navigators … and it is free. This shouldn’t be surprising since the driving force and ‘intellectual father’ of the tool is Mike Hichwa, as for Oracle Application Express.
And SQL Developer becomes even better since they announced that the tool will be extended with Data Modeling capabilities (ERDs, physical schema design, dimensional modeling, reverse engineering and more …). Finally, an alternative for the “data”-part of Oracle Designer. I’am really looking forward to this new extension.