ADF Methodology Group

Together with Chris, Andrejus, Wilfried and several other ACE’s and ACE Directors we’ve been discussing the need for an ADF Methodology.

Chris has started up this thread, and finally on ODTUG we’ve decided to kick-off on Open World Unconference. We will be running an ADF Methodology session at Oracle OpenWorld as part of the un-conference program.

You can read about this session in this Oracle wiki page.
This is definitely a must attend session for anyone who is doing ADF work – you can register here.
That said aside, our Google group is also worth reading in the meantime, you can check it out here.

Oracle Open World – Amazing …

Well I have to admit, you really have to experience this once, to know what big of an event this really is.

Through the Oracle Fusion Regional Director program I was invited to Oracle Open World to get in touch with the other ace’s and ace directors and of course with the product team.

We needed to share our experience and knowledge with the product team and of course mind-mapping with the other regional directors.

Yesterday we had an ace-meeting in which we’ve talked about the different 11g releases and the road ahead. After the ace-meeting it was time to go to Larry Ellison’s keynote speech.

This was amazing, and I need to show you all the footage I have on this when I’m back home. He talked about the beginning of Oracle, how they started out, what their main lifestyle and focus was and how they got to be as big and succesfull as they are today. Different pictures and videos were given from the different managers and CFO’s in their younger days and of course different mash-ups they’ve directed concerning Oracle’s approach.

One play was awsome regarding ‘what happens when Oracle takes over your company’, this was really,trully great ;o))

After that we had an ace-dinner which was really great to get acquanted with everyone and to have a feeling of everyone’s experience/knowledge … and most of all to have a great time out.

Because of the jetlag-feeling I went home afterwards, no after dark parties for me anymore.

Oracle Open World – Let’s present some Use Cases

One week to go until Oracle Open World kicks of and it will be my 1st attendance, and to be honnest I’m pretty nervous ;o)

The last few weeks I’ve been trying to integrate my oracle bpel processes with a Flex User Interface, and with success … which means I have new material to discuss with the SOA Community.

The case I would like to discuss with the different fusion regional directors, ace’s and of course the product team will hold following topics (already explained on this blog):
– Use Case: Migrate existing Excel data using Oracle Data Integrator
– Use Case: Analyse Business processes using BPA Suite and BPM processes and generate bpel blue print using bpa suite
– Use Case: integrate Flex User Interface with existing Bpel Processes using Web Service Proxy Clients for the middletier

These are the 3 different approaches I’ve used so far for an existing customer, trying to evaluate BPA Suite and ODI using a real-time case and implemting a business process driven application using bpel & flex.

I’m really looking forward to the discussions to exchange experience & expertise !

See you there!

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