PL/SQL Challenge V2

For over a year I play every day the PL/SQL Challenge, as I mentioned already in previous posts.

Today there’s version 2 of the website.
You can read about it on the PL/SQL Challenge blog.
Great effort of Steven Feuerstein and his team!

So, if you want to test your PL/SQL knowledge, compete against collegues/other PL/SQL programmers or you want to know/learn more about PL/SQL… Check it out!

PL/SQL Challenge first anniversary

One year ago Steven Feuerstein launched a competition called “The Pl/SQL Challenge“.
The idea was to let Oracle PL/SQL developers test their knowledge, learn and win prices by taking a daily quiz.

The format seems to be a success: every day more than 1000 PL/SQL developers test their knowledge about the language, in total more than 5800 users from 119 countries… a worldwide success!

But it does not stop with doing a quiz, a lot of questions(and answers) are discussed on the blog.
And those discussions can also lead to something, like an enhancement request for the PL/SQL language  by Bryn Llewellyn(PL/SQL Product Manager at Oracle).

Steven did a great job with the PL/SQL Challenge and it seems like it keeps on rolling: version 2 of the website is coming up with even more challenges for SQL and APEX.

To Steven and his team of reviewers and developers: thanks for the nice quizzes and keep up te great work!
To all players: have fun and good luck!