SQLDeveloper + Vista Trick

Recently I switched from Windows XP to Windows Vista, ignoring all pro’s and contra’s for upgrading my OS, I had a problem when I used SQLdeveloper.

When you edit a package and try to scroll between the code then it became unreadable:

After some research I came across an excellent tip on the java2go blogspot.

I’ll give the short version here under but please visit them for more info:

– Download the latest java jdk

– Edit the file (C:\sqldeveloper\ide\bin\ide.conf) and add the following:
# setting maximum heap to 256 MB
AddVMOption -Xmx256M

#setting keepWorkingSetOnMinimize
AddVMOption -Dsun.awt.keepWorkingSetOnMinimize=true

– Edit the file (C:\sqldeveloper\ide\bin\jdk.conf) and add the following:
SetJavaHome C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_16
(refering to the jdk you downloaded

I restarted my SQLdeveloper and all my problems were gone!