Month: July 2006

SOA Suite Today, I attended a workshop at Oracle to get a first glimp of the SOA Suite We used the “Developer Preview” of JDeveloper to develop a few simple Web Services. The software is not yet available on Oracle Technet, but it will be…soon…. The installation of Oracle SOA Suite is very […]

Oracle Identity Management Suite Within the near future Oracle will release it’s new Identity Management Suite 10g, version 10.1.4, incorporating the entire stack of new security products. Xellerate, CoreID, OctetString, etc. Spooky !! For a detailed explanation of all the new and exciting products and features I gladly refer to this website. Now … being […]

Oracle Audit Vault A while ago we took the opportunity to participate in the beta testing of a new product named Oracle Audit Vault. The official product description sounds like this:“Oracle Audit Vault provides a solution to help customers address the most difficult security problems remaining today, protecting against the insider threat and meeting regulatory […]

Een Oracle Consultant op een Microsoft project Meer dan twee jaar geleden (mei 2004) werd ik gevraagd om mee van start te gaan in een (groot) Microsoft (.NET ) project. Nochtans was ik voordien vooral actief geweest in de Oracle wereld. Toch leek het voorstel mij wel aanlokkelijk omdat ik de gelegenheid kreeg met een […]

AYTS: A visit to Oracle HQ Since 3 years, Oracle Belgium organises for their partners a technical contest. They call it:“Are You The Smartest ?” (AYTS). The objective is to motivate the consultants-of-those-partners to learn new features / tools in the Oracle product portfolio by means of a contest. Oracle presales consultants give a series […]

Oracle DriveA few months ago, I bumped into an interesting beta product named Oracle Drive. Meanwhile the production release is available and I started experimenting with it. This piece of software enables you to map a WebDav folder as a “normal” network drive on your desktop. Why is this so interesting? Well, these WebDav Folders […]