Month: January 2007

Apex: XLIFF Translator, Step 3.1 As posted last week, we started developing our own utility to help us in step 3 of the translation process of an Oracle Application Express application. The global idea is to create an Apex-frontend on top of an XLIFF-file. XLIFF is an acronym and stands for “XML Localization Interchange File […]

Apex: XLIFF Translator We like the Apex solution to make multi-lingual applications; especially the idea of “one master-source, but multiple instances of the applications (one per language)”. This approach reminds me of “Oracle Translation Builder”, the solution to translate the good-old Oracle Forms … We explained already in another blog (entry of December 13th) how […]

Apex: Report Sort Option showing strange behaviour … A few days ago I was making a basic report page in ApEx, but when I tried to run the page I got the next error: Although the report was based on a simple select-from-one-table, it took me quite some time to found out what went wrong: […]

Using dialog-windows in an ADF Application:I encountered a very weard problem when testing my adf application using resourcebundles to render the labels and messages in the proper language. All labels/messages were translated properly in my application except for my dialog-page, a popup-window used for List-Of-Values. After a lot of cursing, re-trying I’ve finally found the […]

Deploying a User Interface Application to the Oracle Bpel Server:When you want to access a deployed business proces via a User interface, e.g. a JSP-page, you will use the Oracle Bpel Java API. This Api gives you the possibility to instantiate deployed processes of your Oracle Bpel Server and to get process audit information, etc.There […]

Apex, RTF and MS-Word At the end of last year we had to re-write a MS-Access application with Apex for maitaining information on the Belgian football competition. Besides storing all kind of information related to the teams, players and games, this application needed also to provide a module for exporting the entered data to different […]

SQL Developer and BLOBs SQL Developer is a very complementary tool to Apex.Although, you can do all basic SQL stuff via the SQL Workshop in Application Express, sometimes you need a more powerful tool like SQL Developer, especially when you really need to ‘develop’ in SQL and PL/SQL. One of the SQL features I like […]