Month: March 2007

Oracle Apex in the IT-WorldToday two different colleagues sent me — almost at the same time — a mail, each with a different URL, referring to articles on the web dealing with the new release of Apex 3.0. This proves that one starts talking about Oracle Application Express outside the (small ?) community of Apex […]

Oracle Forms: the road ahead… At iAdvise we have about 12 full-time Oracle Forms consultants/developers, the complete Cronos group has got about 30 consultants/developers working with this ancient toolset 😉 To stay up-to-date with current developments, I attended the “Oracle Forms: the road to SOA” seminar a few weeks ago (mar 6, 2007). This seminar […]

Until now, Oracle JDeveloper (with ADF) was always positioned by Oracle Corporation as the successor for Oracle Forms. Now, with the release of Apex 3.0, it is the first time, — as far as I know — that Oracle Corp. considers ‘openly‘ Apex as an alternative for Forms. On the restyled Oracle Apex Home on […]

Prophetical Gifts ? Do I have some prophetical gifts ? Last week I was blogging that we still needed to do a lot of Apex evangelisation … and see my prayers are heard… Today a new initiative is launched: the Apex Evangelists. A great initiative for the European Apex community !!!!

Apex Evangelisation To Do … As announced in one of my previous blogs our Apex seminar took place yesterday. More than 50 people registered and came over to the offices at Oracle Belgium to listen to the different presentations, case studies and testimonials. The audience consisted of people with very different profiles: developers, project leaders, […]

Apex Collections, an example (part 2) Here is the second part about collections, my problem could be described as:we would like to let users add order lines to an order, update and delete them without saving anything in our database until the user confirms that the order is correct and wants to create it. 1.4 […]

Apex Collections, an example (part 1) Some weeks ago I needed to store records temporarily and let a user decide later on if he/she would save the data permanently. This was a perfect time for me to start using ApEx Collections. Collections let you temporarily store data as records so you can manipulate them and […]