Month: April 2007

Last week I was formatting a a report column to a specific number format. I asked myself the question If it was not possible to use a substitution variable like you can for dates with “PICK_DATE_FORMAT_MASK”. I learned that this wasn’t the case and that I had to search for other solutions. Jornica pointed me […]

As promised here is the continuation of the technical workshop we have followed.In this text I will talk about how we created a little appliciation in Webcenter with some build in features of webcenter. In most part of the exercise we used ADF to build this, but we have also build in some out-of-the-box portlets […]

As you could read in my previous post, ‘Deploying ADF Application to Standalone OC4J’, I’ve faced some problems when trying to deploy the application to a Standalone OC4J. But the goal is to deploy this application to the production environment which would be an Application Server When trying to deploy to this environment other […]

For the deployment of an ADF Application to my standalone OC4J I’ve faced some problems which aren’t clearly explained/solved on OTN.You will find many people facing the same problems when deploying applications to OC4J from jboException until Log4j-exceptions, etc. I will try to address some of these problems in this blog using my own project […]

On the 17th of april we where invited to join a technical workshop about Oracle Webcenter for partners at Oracle DeMeern near to Utrecht (Holland). We wanted to know what Webcenter really could do for us, and what the capabilities are, and of course what the next generation of Webcenter would look like. Well, we […]

A while ago, a customer asked me to develop a report page with an option to search on a title. For every character the user typed, the results should immediately be adjusted. I did some research and came out on an AJAX text filter. I couldn’t find a step by step tutorial about this so […]