Month: April 2007

Today I’ve installed ODI on my own environment, the previous posts were about the development environment of my client-machine on which I don’t have administrator-privileges. On my own environment I’ve installed the administrator-version of ODI so I can create my own master and work repository to work with for my migration path. I’ve followed the […]

Everyone who worked with java applications probably heard of the OutOfMemory error. Like the name says, it indicates that the java application reached the limit of available memory and tries to go beyond that limit, with the OutOfMemory as a logical consequence. But why does this error occur? Your 8 CPU, 20GB server has enough […]

Recently a colleague of mine came up with a blog about exporting data shown in an af:table-component to Excel using the Apache POI API. Some time ago I’ve accomplished the same behaviour without using any additional API or framework because I wanted to stay ‘independend’ and not use another framework on top of ADF. So […]

Ever wondered how to deploy your first portletized adf application to the ‘Webcenter preconfigured OC4J’ … it’s not documented in the Developer guide and you can’t find it on technet … so what should we do do … Read further … When you’ve created your ADF-application and you’ve portletized it to be deployed to your […]

For my project one of the tasks I need to accomplish is to work out the migration path from an oracle db and excell files to a new oracle db.I need to design a new application in adf with a process-driven data-model to replace the existing ‘application’, which are excell files with a lot of […]

Apex: integration of new Google API’s Google has released 2 new features on it’s AJAX Search API: Blog bar News bar Both bars allow you to incorporate dynamic content into the layout of your site. I have tried to implement both features into ApEx and they were succesful. In this blog you can read a […]