Month: July 2007

At my customers’ site all projects need to be ported from an IAS 9 enviroment to 10g, normally you would think just redeploy the ear-files and everything will run just fine but this isn’t the case. For example, an application using SAML Tokens wasn’t working any more when trying to deploy it to the 10g […]

Today I’m having a closer look at the Data Features provided by Adobe Flex using the Adobe Developer Guide and the forum for more information. In the Flex Developer Guide, CHAPTER 37 Representing Data, an explanation is given about the different possibilities you have to define a data driven application. In the first example you […]

Some useful background information you need to know about Adobe Flex … (which you can find in the Adobe Flex Developer Guide): About Flash Player 9While Flex applications run in a browser, they take advantage of the Flash Player 9 runtime environment for executing client-side logic, rendering graphics, and playing animation, audio, or video.Flash Player […]

Buzzing about Adobe Flex I’ve heard a lot of rumours and buzzing around Adobe Flex … so what’s the catch ;o) For one of my projects I need to get acquanted with Adobe Flex to see what it has to offer and how fast you can learn and implement a real-time application (small test case). […]

Some time ago a customer asked me if it was possible to have a sitemap on a developed application. Of course one could make a static sitemap and update it each time pages are added/changed but having a generic solution would make life so much easier. This was again an excellent opportunity to make use […]