Month: October 2007

Although online for a little while, I haven’t blogged about the fact that the new iadvise website was made with ApEx. You can have a look on The website uses a back-end application also made in ApEx to maintain the content. Info on the website comes from diffrent other ApEx applications that are now […]

Oracle Business Process Analysis Suite is a new offering in the Oracle SOA Suite Stack which will bridge the gap between business process analysis and execution. In short I will resume the most important features which were discussed during the presentation and demo: => loose integration between modeling and execution environments => full […]

Recently I had the need to play videos , stored in my database, in ApEx. Although this seemed like a difficult task, it’s pretty easy to accomplish. What I needed was an embedded video player (like Windows Media Player) to play the video on my ApEx page in a specific region. Let’s start: 1. Create […]

When you’re installing Oracle Software you always need to specify username and password settings for the administrator-profile, such as for Oracle Application Server or Oracle Database. The same applies when installing Oracle SOA Suite or Oracle Bpel Process Manager Option on Oracle Application Server Entprise Edition. But there’s a catch here, you need to […]

Today I started building my first Flex application using Data Management Services … why Data Management Services I hear you thinking. Don’t get me started on that topic ;o) The Flex Data Management Service (FDMS) provides a mechanism to maintain data distributed over the client and server tiers. The Service supports features such as: Data […]