Month: February 2008

I’ve been checking out the different capabilities and new features of the Adapter-framework in ESB and BPEL for some weeks now and came across some nasty pitfalls, nice-to-knows, … which I would like to share with you. Of course I would like to share thoughts, opinions and start discussions on these topics.ESB: How to define […]

Problem: If you create a dataset and build your SQL-query by Query Builder or type it manually, you have to watch out that you do not use column aliases like ‘FEED’. See example below: SQL-query: select BI_TABLE.FEED as FEED,      BI_TABLE.FEEDBACK as FEEDBACK,      BI_TABLE.APPLICATION_ID as APPLICATION_ID,      BI_TABLE.NAME as TYPE_NAME,      BI_TABLE.DESCRIPTION as TYPE_DESCRIPTIONfrom HR. BI_TABLE; XML-file: Internet Explorer seems to perform […]

You can only format dates when they are in the canonical date format. This format looks like: YYYY-MM-DDTHH24:MI:SS. You have two options:1. adapt the XML generation process to generate the date in the canonical format and use the format date functions of BI Publisher in the template. 2. adapt the XML generation process to generate […]

When you’re building JEE Applications, you always need to apply to a given set of rules, best practices. When you need to take a decision in which technology to use to build your new application with, you need to be able to deliver each rule of tumb with this technology. Rules of thumb that need […]

The previous week a customer had problems during my bpel course training of 3 days where we weren’t able to design and deploy external web services due to proxy authentication problems. We were able to create a web service proxy client inside Jdeveloper but when deploying the web service we were always getting the […]

For a data warehouse project I’m working on, I like to add a MS SQLServer database as a datasource to OWB. So the first thing I need is an ODBC Datasource. No problem, but there just one small issue which makes the creation of this ODBC datasource a bit less “default”: My database is running […]

This morning I opened Enterprise Manager and instead of the regular “login”-screen, I found following screen:   Everything is up and running but Enterprise Manager is not able to connect to the database instance. Sounds like a connection problem, not? These are the steps I followed to solve this issue and to reset the “sysman”-account: […]