Month: March 2008

One of the main goals I’m trying to reach is to advise customers on how to start implementation of SOA in their organisation by using a coaching approach instead of implementor approach. In other words, guide and coach the development teams of each customer in getting familiar with SOA concepts and getting their hands dirty […]

Playing around with Database 11g features and SCA 11g functionality (technology previews), I’ve came across some issues which you may find interesting to now/comprehend:Native PL/SQL WebServices (11g Feature): Procedures or functions need to have in- and output-parameters when using 11g webservices in bpel processes You can’t work with rowtypes as return variables => not […]

In one of the previous posts I’ve defined a workaround concerning the nillable attribute being ignored when invoking web services using xsd’s defined in the following manner. Because in bpel you’re not able to define the xsi:nil-attribute at design time, you need to define this manually. The xsi:nil=true-attribute is the solution to tell web services […]

In my previous thread I’ve talked about different tips & tricks when working with ESB, BPEL, ODI, Flex, etc. One of these tips was tips & tricks on invocation of BPEL Processes when using different UI approaches. A very understable explanation given by ‘Hajo Normann’ about this: It is best practice to use the default […]