Month: May 2008

When you want to start learning Webcenter, getting a grasp of the technology, the features … have a more practical view, you can download the SRDemo application to get you started. When you’re going through the installation-guide to set everything up, following tips can help you step-through this installation:– modify the oc4j.cmd before installing the […]

Situation:One of the common questions that generally come up with regard to BI EE and BI Publisher is ‘how does one pass parameters to BI Publisher reports in Dashboards?’. One of the solution is to create a BI Publisher Report using HR-scheme as data source. Define a parameter for the BI Publisher report and then […]

I have locally installed a 10gR2-database which I have patched to an (Patch-nr: 5337014) Situation:I would create a new System Data Source Name to import tables from the HR-scheme. When we configure a new ODBC data source connection, we get following error: SQORAS32 – An unsupported operation was attempted SQORA32 is a dll-file that […]

End of this month we organize together with Oracle Belgium our annual seminar on Apex. For more then 3 years we are doing projects with Oracle Application Express and want to share our knowledge and our experience with the Oracle community. In the first part of the seminar we will give first a small introduction […]

Recently I came across an apex application where a specific page generated the next error: We got this error message because there are to many page items generated on the page. We could discuss why a page would need so many aguments but I leave that in the middle. After some browsing on the oracle […]