Month: June 2008

The main reason for me to come to the ODTUG conference was — besides presenting our own paper — to see what other Oracle users are doing with the tool. So, most of the sessions I followed were Apex-related. As you can read on different other blogs, it is clear that Apex is hot. So, […]

We talked about “The Apex Project Workplace” during our presentation at ODTUG Kaleidoscope. This workplace could look like something as presented on the following picture: The desk, where a developer is working, is like a workbench where all necessary materials are available that can help to efficiently guide and increase the productivity of the development […]

Like Nathalie Roman announced in the previous blog I had the honour to give my first presentation abroad last Monday at the Big Easy. It was Jan Huyzentruyt’s idea to work out an Apex QA-tool for our company. Because we wanted to share our idea with the other Apex-adepts we submitted our abstract “Use the […]

Today I had the opportunity to attend loads of interesting sessions as well, the tips & tricks I’ve picked up regarding ADF, SCM, OWB, JDeveloper. Some of these tips are very obvious, but worth reminding ;o)Tips & Tricks when building applications (with JDeveloper): Use 1 source control system, preferably Subversion ;o) For Continuous integration you […]

Yesterday evening the ODTUG team had arranged a reception for the speakers and ambassadors in the Sheraton hotel where all activity is taking place. The meet-up was great and I could attend also as being the ambassador for 2 of my colleagues Karen Van Hellemont and Jan Huyzentruyt who gave a presentation regarding the QA-tool […]

The tips & tricks I’ve learned so far at different ODTUG sessions I’ve attended: When you’re thinking about moving to fusion middleware: Use a small subset of tools, no big bang approach: ADF + BC + BPEL ADF Faces is still evolving, so you need to consider the rewrite that’s needed when using Faces as […]