Month: July 2008

Since BI Publisher is integrated with MS Office, you can use some features of Word to add extra functionality into your reports. This topic will handle about the usage of checkboxes in your RTF-template. An example below.. We will create an checkbox which status is dependent on a value in the xml. First, we have […]

There is so much to talk about but what I haven’t discuss right now is extra functionality in Data Templates. Features that you can use to allow more complexity into your templates. One of the advantages of data templates is the use of Report Triggers. These triggers will handle a specific sequence. So, the sequence […]

When deploying a process flow using the control center of OWB (11r1), following error is raised: Error: RPE-02062: ItemType PKG cannot be dropped as it has running Processes. You must first abort all the running processes using the Oracle Workflow Monitor.INFORMATIONALRPE-02071: Deployment has been aborted due to a previously reported critial error. I used following […]