Oracle Open World – Forms Modernization & Data Integration

From the 21st of September until the 25th 2008, Oracle OpenWorld 2008 wil take place in San Francisco. Oracle OpenWorld 2008 is the world’s largest gathering of Oracle customers, partners, developers, and technology enthusiasts.

Two sessions will be given by iAdvise/O2U at Oracle OpenWorld 2008:

  • O2U is proud to present it’s customer case study: The ZLM Case: New Forms Modernization Case Study using Oracle Forms, Web Services, JDeveloper and ESB (Hans Heremans, Nathalie Roman)

In this case study, we will showcase how you can modernize an existing Forms Application to move towards a SOA Environment. The existing Forms and web application will be sharing web services orchestrated using an Enterprise Service Bus.

In the second presentation we will talk about the data integration aspects in which different approaches and toolings will be discussed.

  • The Next Generation of Business Integration: Making the right choice! (Hans Heremans, Nathalie Roman)

In this presentation a practical overview will be given of the Data Integration and Management requirements that are needed for data integration projects today. Having a look at the different aspects that aren’t addressed in current integration projects and how these can be leveraged using the Oracle Technology Stack. Using Oracle Warehouse Builder, Oracle Data Integrator ODI Suite or SOA Suite, you’re able to address all the needs of today’s Business Integration.

If you’re interested in attending these sessions (forms, webservices, data integration, …) :

  • S298887, “Oracle Forms in an SOA World,” on Tuesday, September 23;
  • S301400, “The Next Generation of Business Integration: Making the Right Choice” on Wednesday, September 24.

I hope to see you all there !

ApEx: Session 0 problems fixed in new patchset 3.1.2.

Just received the news that there will probably be a new path release (3.1.2) in September fixing some Session 0 issues.

I recently came across some problems with the use of session 0 in ApEx. My first problem was with the use of public pages and an Authentication Scheme current to Application Express. I kept getting the next error while branching:

Not Found
The requested URL /pls/apexsaas2/wwv_flow.accept was not found on this server.

So actually a 404 Not Found error. Scott Spadafore acknowledged the problem on the Oracle Forum and said it could be fixed in the next patch release.

My other problem with the use of session 0 was with a rewrite rule for a domainname. A Polish ApEx Application (Yes: ApEx can work easily with other languages) could not be found because we kept getting a 404 Not Found Error, it would only work if you refresh the page each time in Internet Explorer.

Metalink note 468402.1 (HTTP 404 notfound error when trying to access a page by using zero session id) described the exact problem for us but the workaround could not be applied in our case.

Production management of Oracle advised us to wait until the next patch release in September.

ADF Methodology Group

Together with Chris, Andrejus, Wilfried and several other ACE’s and ACE Directors we’ve been discussing the need for an ADF Methodology.

Chris has started up this thread, and finally on ODTUG we’ve decided to kick-off on Open World Unconference. We will be running an ADF Methodology session at Oracle OpenWorld as part of the un-conference program.

You can read about this session in this Oracle wiki page.
This is definitely a must attend session for anyone who is doing ADF work – you can register here.
That said aside, our Google group is also worth reading in the meantime, you can check it out here.

SQLDeveloper + Vista Trick

Recently I switched from Windows XP to Windows Vista, ignoring all pro’s and contra’s for upgrading my OS, I had a problem when I used SQLdeveloper.

When you edit a package and try to scroll between the code then it became unreadable:

After some research I came across an excellent tip on the java2go blogspot.

I’ll give the short version here under but please visit them for more info:

– Download the latest java jdk

– Edit the file (C:\sqldeveloper\ide\bin\ide.conf) and add the following:
# setting maximum heap to 256 MB
AddVMOption -Xmx256M

#setting keepWorkingSetOnMinimize
AddVMOption -Dsun.awt.keepWorkingSetOnMinimize=true

– Edit the file (C:\sqldeveloper\ide\bin\jdk.conf) and add the following:
SetJavaHome C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_16
(refering to the jdk you downloaded

I restarted my SQLdeveloper and all my problems were gone!

extract() function gives a ‘problem’ whith spaces and lines in XML

I was developing a dequeue function for an XML file and I wanted to check if a certain returned value from the xml file was correct.
To retrieve the value of a tag I used this=>
v_text := v_record.extract(‘/record/Fruit/text()’,’xmlns=””‘).getStringVal();

Ones I captured this record I wanted to check if the content of this tag was equal to, for example, some fruit, let’s say ‘Lemon’.
In most of the cases I received the correct result, but there were some xml files which didn’t gave me the correct result. Nevertheless I was pretty sure that the value in my xml file was ‘Lemon’.
So what happened? I did some checks and then I found out that the syntax of this specific xml file was something like this:

When extracting the content out of the Fruit tag he also took the spaces, tabs and lines with it, and that was the reason why he thought that this wasn’t a ‘Lemon’

Conclusion, always use trim for the spaces and put some replace clauses for lines and tabs round the value. So you should use something like this:
v_text := replace(replace(replace(trim(v_record.extract(‘/record/Fruit/text()’,’xmlns=””&#8216;).getStringVal()),chr(10),”),chr(13),”),chr(9),”);