Month: September 2009

Everyone’s that’s going to be present at Open World and has questions regarding ADF, regarding project approach or want’s to share his/her experiences with the community … this is the ideal moment to step up and talk about it! Besides the different sessions that are organised by as well Oracle, partners as ACE’s, the ADF […]

One thing has become crystal clear the last couple of days:Using Scrum in a validated (Pharmaceutical) environment requires a somewhat different approach. In a validated environment a number of documents, that are normally not required in Scrum, have to be delivered. These documents, Functional specifications, Risk Impact analysis, … are artifacts from the classical approaches. […]

These are my first days as Scrum Master.The mission is clear, introduce Scrum in the Project and, at the same time, guide the Project Management Team to start using Scrum. The first days on site it became clear that this is not going to be Scrum from the book! A Scrum project starts with defining […]

We’re approaching OOW rapidly, and we’re discussing the different topics that can be adressed during the ADF EMG Sessions. One of the topics I would like to start discussing in this group, is the testing strategies that are used at the different project sites. In most projects we’re now trying to introduce Test Driven Development, […]

Oracle OpenWorld 2009 is rapidly approaching, only a few weeks from now, San Francisco will turn into the mekka for the developer community around the world to share experience, knowledge and of course to network and learn from eachother. At OOW 2008 we gave 2 presentations regarding Forms Modernization and Data Warehousing, and the audience […]