Month: February 2010

When you try to convert an xml file, which has a tag that contains for example one or more pdf files, into an XMLTYPE object, you will get the following error: ORA-19011: CHARACTER string BUFFER too small This error will be thrown because the content of a tag of an XMLTYPE is limited to 4000 […]

For a project with Oracle Portal, I had to do some lookups in packages and procedures on the database to get some information about the project.   Since I wasn’t working full-time for this project I had no access to the DB, except via the portal itself. Several times I had the problem that the client wanted a quick […]

A few months ago I wrote a blogpost about forms titled  “Forms isn’t dead!” Since then I went to Oracle Open World and gave a presentation on how to modernize your existing Oracle Forms application. So you don’t have to throw away years of investment in Oracle forms. I’m working at a customer that created […]