Month: July 2010

One of the big improvements of ApEx 4.0 in my opinion is the rebirth of the date picker Item. The old version of the date picker was a popup that opened a calender, it was ok but a lot of developers already used something more sexy like the jQuery Ui Datepicker. This required some custom […]

Exporting an Interactive Report in one click is possible, you don’t have to use the right menu witch can save your user 3 clicks! To accomplish this you have make a branch to the page containing an Interactive Report and play around with your Page Request: – CSV – RTF – PDF – XLS – […]

When creating a new workspace you might have noticed that there will be some extra tables on your schema. All these table start with the name APEX$_ and are used for the websheets feature of the new version of ApEx. If you don’t use websheets (at start) and you don’t want these extra tables present […]