Forms modernisation at OOW

For the people, partners, customers attending Open World and interested in Forms and fusion technologies I’ve made a little resume of the interesting sessions you could attend:

  • S315945 : Oracle Forms in the Middle of Middleware with Oracle Product Management – Wednesday, September 22, 13:00 | Marriott Marquis, Salon 9
  • S317234 : Moving from Oracle Forms to Java and Oracle Application Development Framework – Tuesday, September 21, 09:30 | Hotel Nikko, Carmel
  • S313982 : Forms2Future: Journey into the Future for Organizations on the Oracle Platform – Tuesday, September 21, 13:00 | Hotel Nikko, Golden Gate
  • S313280 : PL/SQL Developer, Quiz Thyself! – Monday, September 20, 10:00 | Hotel Nikko, Bay View

Sessions regarding Fusion Middleware, Enterprise Architecture, Upgrading to 11g:

  • S313466 : Oracle Fusion Middleware as an Enabler for Transformation and Innovation – Monday, September 20, 15:30 | Moscone West L3, Rm 3018
  • S317629 : Best Practices in Enterprise Architecture: Case Studies – Tuesday, September 21, 17:00 | Moscone South, Rm 301
  • S316135 : From Oracle Forms to a Service-Oriented Architecture with Oracle SOA Suite 11g – Tuesday, September 21, 17:00 | Marriott Marquis, Salon 9
  • S317403 : Oracle Internet Application Server 10g to Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g R1 – Wednesday, September 22, 10:00 | Marriott Marquis, Salon 8
  • S315685 : Stay Away If You Are Technical: This Is Oracle Fusion Middleware for Business – Sunday, September 19, 16:30 | Moscone West L2, Rm 2010
  • S317474 : Oracle Fusion Middleware Application Server Roadmap – Monday, September 20, 11:00 | Marriott Marquis, Salon 9
  • S316409 : Oracle Fusion Middleware Architecture: Choices, Choices, Choices – Monday, September 20, 17:00 | Marriott Marquis, Golden Gate B
  • S316855 : Oracle Fusion Development Platform: Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF Overview – Tuesday, September 21, 11:00 | Marriott Marquis, Salon 9
  • S316075 : Telenet: The SOA Challenge – Tuesday, September 21, 14:00 | Marriott Marquis, Salon 4
  • S316906 : Adding Web 2.0 Interfaces to Your Enterprise Applications: The Oracle Fusion Way – Thursday, September 23, 09:00 | Moscone West L3, Rm 3016
  • S316615 : Migrate: Oracle Application Server Containers for J2EE to Oracle WebLogic Server – Sunday, September 19, 15:30 | Moscone West L2, Rm 2010

If you’ve got other interesting sessions to add, please comment so no one misses out on interesting tips, tricks during Oracle Open World.

Of course besides these sessions there are enough things to see, do and visit up and around San-Francisco such as the cable car, fisherman’s warf, bicking (preferably with a tandem … hilarious) on golden gate bridge, eat a delicious Cioppino, visit Sausalito, …

Hope to see you all there !

New Patch available for ApEx 4.0

ApEx 4.0.1 is available for download, if you are running ApEx 4.0 then I suggest you upgrade as soon as possible.

– If you are already running ApEx 4.0 then download the patch from Oracle support, look for patch nr 9976149.
– If you are still running and older version then 4.0 then download ApEx from

The new version nr of APEX is

BI Publisher showing TOPLINK-7001 error on Scheduled Reports

When you have the next error in BI Publisher Scheduled Reports:

Exception [TOPLINK-7001] oracle.toplink.exceptions.ValidationExceptionException Description: You must login to the ServerSession before acquiring ClientSessions.

You might want to check if the tablespace containing the BI Publisher schema has enough space. There is no procedure to physically remove scheduled reports once they have been run. You can manually delete records from the database (bipub schema) but don’t forget to reclaim the lob size. If you delete records containing LOB’s the size doesn’t automatically free up.

A way to do this manually by using the next command:
* command available from 10gR2

Delete history from the table ‘XMLP_SCHED_OUTPUT’ and then run the above command for all the lob columns: “XML_DATA”, “MESSAGE” ,”STATUS_DETAIL” and “DOCUMENT_DATA” .

Once you have done that, restart BI Publisher using Enterprise Manager and the error will be gone.

Forms Modernization, Part 2: Possible approaches

Forms modernization has a different angle for each customer or developer talking about it but for each angle the approach will always be the same: Think Big, Start Small.

When choosing forms modernization you should choose one topic at a time and define a short- and long-term planning with quick-wins as starting points.

Possible topics could be:

  1. UI modernization
  2. Service-enable existing functionality
  3. Integrate with existing applications, services
  4. Upgrade to enable latest event-driven functionality and entering the fusion ages

Let’s say the customers’ focus for modernization is service-enabling existing functionality, e.g. publish reusable pl/sql functionality as a service.

The approach to accomplish this would be an iterative, gradual approach in which the customer will go through one or more of the following steps:

  • Create a portfolio of the existing pl/sql functionality
  • Categorize those functionalities that could be externalized to other applications, partners, customers
  • Rank those would-be services on impact, development time and business urgency
  • Start with easy, highly visible services to show fast win
  • Find the appropriate tooling

Performing these steps and using jdeveloper to externalize PL/SQL functionality as a service, the existing knowledge and investment in forms and pl/sql is kept whilst uplifting customer and developer satisfaction.

In other words: extending and uplifting existing forms applications to be trully in the middle of middleware is no myth it’s reality.

ApEx 4.0: ORA-001821 randomly showing up

This week, I had a problem with ApEx 4.0 where ORA-001821 was randomly showing up, not only in the applications but also in the ApEx Builder.


The problem was that we queried a table across a database link but to a database version prior to 10gR1. Please note that other applications will also suffer from this one application where you used this database link.

Oracle describes the problem as:

In Application Express 4.0, the internal applications were modified to have an application date format of ‘DS’. The ‘DS’ date format was first introduced in database version 10gR1.

With the application date format of ‘DS’, each page view has the database session parameter NLS_DATE_FORMAT set to ‘DS’ by the APEX engine. Then, when a query is performed against the remote database (9iR2 or earlier), the remote database is unable to handle the request and says that ‘DS’ is an invalid value for NLS_DATE_FORMAT.

You can already download a patch that solves the problem, in Oracle support search for “note 1155453.1 – ORA-1821 When Querying a Table Across A Database Link After 4.0 Upgrade