Month: November 2010

Birmingham is cold these days, even white. That’s something else than sunny San Fran in September during OOW. I didn’t find the time yet to write about sessions. But surely will in the next days. There were some interesting sessions(the one more interesting than the other) on forms. Most about migration(to ADF, to Apex),  but […]

A new article has popped up on the world wide web titled ‘Java is a Dead-End for Enterprise Apps‘ … this will certainly juice up some communities 🙂 If you read along in the article you will find different interesting aspects regarding enterprise application development. The discussion that’s unveiled in the article regarding ‘Java is […]

More and more customers want to upgrade to Forms 11g, but then questions come like: “There’s no Designer 11g, do we have to say goodbye to Designer?” “Can we generate 11g Forms from Designer?” “When we want to keep using Designer, do we have to stay on Forms 10g?” A lot of questions… What can […]

If you are experiencing behavior that indicates that your report is being cached and you can’t refresh it then it could be that a reporting setting is indicating that it can cache your result set. To check this setting go to “Edit Report” and look at the bottom in the list of options. You will […]