Month: December 2010

Here’s a post with Oracle sources(blogs, twitter, websites,…) I use. To get a nice overview I use igoogle. It’s easy to use, you can embed bookmarks, RSS feeds, gadgets, … into your igoogle page. And it’s available wherever you are(at work, at a customer, at home,…). First page with Oracle and  Oracle Forms bookmarks(google bookmarks) […]

Today I explained the “statement restart” problem to a colleague. Every database developer has to know about this one… Short: Any statement can be restarted! This means that when you do one update statement, oracle CAN restart the statement. Every code in a trigger can be executed multiple times, so watch out with package variables […]

There were a lot of sessions on forms, most of them handled about migration. So, here’s a little wrap up of the forms migration sessions I followed on the UKOUG conference. When thinking about migration, you need to think again before making a decision. Do it for the right reasons, make a good analysis and […]