Month: March 2011

Opening ceremony by Wim Coekaerts & Janny Ekelson. Nothing much to say about this… First keynote session was brought by Chris Leone about Oracle Fusion applications. Applications is not my thing, but it was nice to see how everything in Fusion apps is integrated like BI and collaboration. My first session was “The best way” […]

What should you do if you have an anydata column in a queue table and you don’t have any tool to read from it(sqldeveloper doesn’t support it natively)? I have written some code to extract all the information from such a column and print it, whatever the content would be. You can find out more

A customer had a problem about a forms application(Oracle Forms 10g) hanging on a regular base. No particular user, no particular form, … just a form in the application at random. The only solution was killing the browser and the JRE  and start over. After a long time of searching, a colleague finally ran into […]