Exporting an Interactive Report in one click is possible, you don’t have to use the right menu witch can save your user 3 clicks! To accomplish this you have make a branch to the page containing an Interactive Report and play around with your Page Request: – CSV – RTF – PDF – XLS – […]

When creating a new workspace you might have noticed that there will be some extra tables on your schema. All these table start with the name APEX$_ and are used for the websheets feature of the new version of ApEx. If you don’t use websheets (at start) and you don’t want these extra tables present […]

A feature that hasn’t been highlighted much is the Quick Pick functionality with items of type “Popup LOV” and “Select List”. This features enables you to make a quick choice from the the list values in the LOV. Only downside is that you can’t use a query or function that returns the Quick Picks. However […]

Last year on ODTUG I did a presentation where I showed my own implementation of region tabs. These are extra buttons to display regions in a more user friendly way. Suppose you have a lot of regions on your page then you could present a list of buttons, each button will show/hide a region. I’m […]

ApEx 4.0 has been released. You can download the new version of ApEx on the website of Oracle. You can read about the new features of Application Express 4.0 here. Please mind that the requirements are changed: Oracle Application Express 4.0 is supported on all Editions (SE1, SE, EE, and XE) of the Oracle database, […]

Just noticed that a patch is released for SQL Developer 2.1. From the Oracle website: Oracle SQL Developer 2.1.1 is a patch release to SQL Developer 2.1, which was released in December 2009. This patch release resolves a number of the issues raised and addresses a few additional feature requests raised on the SQL Developer […]

Last week I was searching for a long time to find my application in SQL Developer. I wanted to deploy it to a production environment, the application had APP_ID 113 but I couldn’t find it in SQL Developer: After some time I noticed an other application that had the same name: “Daily Report”. After I […]