Today we have great news for you: Docufy becomes Doxxy ! And not only the name improved! Doxxy is a RAD-tool for generating operational reports. With its intuitive APEX UI, you easily configure your documents by adding DOCX-templates and SQL-queries. The engine is written in PL/SQL, which makes installation, integration and maintenance very straight forward. […]

In a previous blog post we explained already why we decided to build our own report generation tool. In this post we will explain the main principles and components the tool consists of. First of all, Docufy is a tool for developers: for APEX developers … surely, but in fact for anyone who is developing […]

APEX is well known for his RAD solution and the no-extra cost factor: APEX makes it possible to build on time and within budget your database application for the web. But an application is more then building pages for CRUD operations. Very often you also need to generate well looking documents. And this is standard […]

Traditionally EBS-extensions are built in tools like Oracle Forms, Reports and BI Publisher. Most E-Business developers master these traditional skills (e.g. PL/SQL, workflow). Oracle now propagates a shift towards Java (Oracle Applications Framework (OAF) and Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF)), however this requires to refocus of the current E-Business developers toward java development (object orientated).  […]

Not every APEX developer should be a Plug-In developer. The APEX developer uses the Plug-In a Plug In developer has created. Following photo shows the pictograms we used during our presentation @ OBUG APEX SIG : During the demo we showed our little green man while we created and elaborated the plug-in via the shared […]

During our presentation at OBUG APEX SIG we showed the different steps a Plug-In developer needs to follow to create an item plug-in from scratch. We now uploaded the plugin in the APEX PLUGIN Directory. You can also see the example on our APEX Plugin demo site, where you  also can download the plugin export […]

Today iAdvise has given a presentation during the OBUG APEX SIG at Oracle Belgium. The title of the presentation was “APEX Plug Ins: How to use them, How to build them.“. The goal of the session was to give a general introduction on What are plug-ins ? How can you use them as an APEX […]