A very good example of how the Apex Repository can be used for doing QA-work on your Apex development can be found here. You can find there such a UNION’ed select — I talked about in one of my previous posts — showing how you can detect all the components where a condition is set […]

In my previous post I emphasized the power of the Apex dictionary views. On this matter, have also a look at the very complete presentation of Patrick Wolf. In the meanwhile, we further elaborated our idea of building a custom Apex application that should help in doing quality checks on coding standards and guidelines. We […]

Oracle Apex in the IT-WorldToday two different colleagues sent me — almost at the same time — a mail, each with a different URL, referring to articles on the web dealing with the new release of Apex 3.0. This proves that one starts talking about Oracle Application Express outside the (small ?) community of Apex […]

Until now, Oracle JDeveloper (with ADF) was always positioned by Oracle Corporation as the successor for Oracle Forms. Now, with the release of Apex 3.0, it is the first time, — as far as I know — that Oracle Corp. considers ‘openly‘ Apex as an alternative for Forms. On the restyled Oracle Apex Home on […]

Prophetical Gifts ? Do I have some prophetical gifts ? Last week I was blogging that we still needed to do a lot of Apex evangelisation … and see my prayers are heard… Today a new initiative is launched: the Apex Evangelists. A great initiative for the European Apex community !!!!

Apex Evangelisation To Do … As announced in one of my previous blogs our Apex seminar took place yesterday. More than 50 people registered and came over to the offices at Oracle Belgium to listen to the different presentations, case studies and testimonials. The audience consisted of people with very different profiles: developers, project leaders, […]