Apex SeminarWe, at iAdvise, are now working with Oracle Application Express for almost two years. We have a fixed-team of >8 people daily working within this environment and we realized already several projects. We also want to share this knowledge to the outside world (e.g. by means of this blog). Therefore we organize, together with […]

XTra4o – Release 0.9.2 and Help Last week we made our XLIFF-Translator for Oracle available to the public. Based on the feedback we already received, we made some changes to the utility. See the About-tab in the application. We also use this tool to try out some typical-issues-you-need in-every-application. In XTra4o we implemented two different […]

Apex: XTra4oYesterday we released our utility that helps in the translation process of an Apex Application. We gave it the name Xtra4o which stands for “XLIFF Translator for Oracle”. XML Publisher (or BI Publisher) also uses XLIFF-files to translate their reports. One day, we hope to extend our tool so it will also be able […]

Apex: XLIFF Translator, generate the translated file. The final step in our translation process is exporting the translated data back to an xml-file; i.e. the reverse process of step 1 where we translated an xml-structured file to a relational table-structure. This time, the relational data has to be converted back to the original xml-structure (similar […]

Apex: XLIFF Translator, the editor (step 3.2) The difficulty with editing the XLIFF- file is that you do not know with which item/object the translation text corresponds in your application. As explained in a previous blog, we discovered a way to link a translation item to a specific apex object type. This information is stored […]

Apex: XLIFF Translator, Step 3.1 As posted last week, we started developing our own utility to help us in step 3 of the translation process of an Oracle Application Express application. The global idea is to create an Apex-frontend on top of an XLIFF-file. XLIFF is an acronym and stands for “XML Localization Interchange File […]

Apex: XLIFF Translator We like the Apex solution to make multi-lingual applications; especially the idea of “one master-source, but multiple instances of the applications (one per language)”. This approach reminds me of “Oracle Translation Builder”, the solution to translate the good-old Oracle Forms … We explained already in another blog (entry of December 13th) how […]