Apex, RTF and MS-Word At the end of last year we had to re-write a MS-Access application with Apex for maitaining information on the Belgian football competition. Besides storing all kind of information related to the teams, players and games, this application needed also to provide a module for exporting the entered data to different […]

SQL Developer and BLOBs SQL Developer is a very complementary tool to Apex.Although, you can do all basic SQL stuff via the SQL Workshop in Application Express, sometimes you need a more powerful tool like SQL Developer, especially when you really need to ‘develop’ in SQL and PL/SQL. One of the SQL features I like […]

Apex: Housekeeping Your Flow Files In my previous blog, I explained the problem we encountered with flows_files.wwv_flow_file_objects$ aka APEX_APPLICATION_FILES. I did some further investigations on the content of that table to 1) detect the ‘big size spenders’ and to 2) see whether or not there exist some orphan entries. I also wanted to know if […]

Apex: flows_files.wwv_flow_file_objects$ aka APEX_APPLICATION_FILES End of last year, we had a strange problem in our test environment while testing an internal application for maintaining our library of IT-related books. When adding a new book title, we got from time to time a “page not found error” with a reference to wwv_flow.accept in the URL. Strangely […]

Apex: Using a Date Format Mask at Application Level Every Apex application contains a lot of report pages with date columns and form pages with date fields. For all these items you can specify a date format mask. Never asked yourself if it is possible to define that format mask only once at a central […]

Apex: Deploy Your Multilingual application in a production environment.One of the great pro’s of Apex is the ease to put an application from a development or test environment into a production environment. You take an application export at the one site, and you do an import at the other site. When you have to deal […]

Apex: How to Disable a Text Area ? Every application contains pages where the data should be displayed in read-only mode. For a normal text item, you can declare a field as “Display as Text Item (does not save state)” and the value is shown as HTML(see Text 1). For a multi-line text area there […]