For a client of ours we had to create a test in VMWARE but at a certain moment we noticed that the VM was running out of space, so we had to try to enlarge the disk size of the VM. It is rather simple if you know it. In fact it is just an […]

This is an error where I have been working on for too long.And in fact it has a very easy solution.I was building my application that I already mentioned in a previous post.When I tested the xsl file(in the xsl file right click and choose test), everything looked fine and no problem occurred.But when I […]

Yesterday I was creating an ESB that we wanted to use in a demo.I was using a DB schema that I exported from a DB that was used in one of our internal applications. The ESB itself was in fact a very simple example with just a file adapter to get the content of a […]

As promised here is the continuation of the technical workshop we have followed.In this text I will talk about how we created a little appliciation in Webcenter with some build in features of webcenter. In most part of the exercise we used ADF to build this, but we have also build in some out-of-the-box portlets […]

On the 17th of april we where invited to join a technical workshop about Oracle Webcenter for partners at Oracle DeMeern near to Utrecht (Holland). We wanted to know what Webcenter really could do for us, and what the capabilities are, and of course what the next generation of Webcenter would look like. Well, we […]