I have locally installed a 10gR2-database which I have patched to an (Patch-nr: 5337014) Situation:I would create a new System Data Source Name to import tables from the HR-scheme. When we configure a new ODBC data source connection, we get following error: SQORAS32 – An unsupported operation was attempted SQORA32 is a dll-file that […]

Problem: If you create a dataset and build your SQL-query by Query Builder or type it manually, you have to watch out that you do not use column aliases like ‘FEED’. See example below: SQL-query: select BI_TABLE.FEED as FEED,      BI_TABLE.FEEDBACK as FEEDBACK,      BI_TABLE.APPLICATION_ID as APPLICATION_ID,      BI_TABLE.NAME as TYPE_NAME,      BI_TABLE.DESCRIPTION as TYPE_DESCRIPTIONfrom HR. BI_TABLE; XML-file: Internet Explorer seems to perform […]

You can only format dates when they are in the canonical date format. This format looks like: YYYY-MM-DDTHH24:MI:SS. You have two options:1. adapt the XML generation process to generate the date in the canonical format and use the format date functions of BI Publisher in the template. 2. adapt the XML generation process to generate […]