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Using SQL Developer to export or import an Apex application is not only easy, it’s also fast! Export To export, follow these steps: Open the connection to the schema where you’re application is located and search for the “Application Express” directory: Right click on the application you want to export and choose “Quick DDL” > […]

Since APEX 4.0, dynamic actions have made our lives easier. But sometimes they feel a little restrictive in what you can do with them. Executing them upon the successful completion of another dynamic action, for example, or forcing a dynamic action to fire, triggered by something that happened in your javascript code. APEX 4.2 Since […]

The problem with using APEX authorization schemes in PL/SQL has been addressed several times in blogs and forums, but we occasionally still get questions  on how to solve this: I have a page where users with admin roles can modify data and other users can only view it. Hiding the button to save the record is easily […]

You’ve probably already used the reset functionality in an Interactive Report, but do you know the exact the difference between CIR (Clear Interactive Report) and RIR (Reset Interactive Report)? RIR or CIR, what is it? First, let’s explain what CIR and RIR is and how you can use it. With CIR and RIR you can […]

One of our clients needed an application for the follow-up of the production in their plants. The main feature of the application was to show all the data of the current year, but the client also wanted to be able to consult the historical data. Unfortunately the historical data was not in the same schema as the […]

Today we have great news for you: Docufy becomes Doxxy ! And not only the name improved! Doxxy is a RAD-tool for generating operational reports. With its intuitive APEX UI, you easily configure your documents by adding DOCX-templates and SQL-queries. The engine is written in PL/SQL, which makes installation, integration and maintenance very straight forward. […]

Last week we attended the the 5th annual APEX World event in Zeist. As every year it was very nice to meet the growing APEX community in the Benelux, combined with some excellent APEX international and dutch presentations. The  keynote was given  by Joel Kallman about APEX 5.0 followed by 18 very interesting sessions about customer […]