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Situation:One of the common questions that generally come up with regard to BI EE and BI Publisher is ‘how does one pass parameters to BI Publisher reports in Dashboards?’. One of the solution is to create a BI Publisher Report using HR-scheme as data source. Define a parameter for the BI Publisher report and then […]

Problem: If you create a dataset and build your SQL-query by Query Builder or type it manually, you have to watch out that you do not use column aliases like ‘FEED’. See example below: SQL-query: select BI_TABLE.FEED as FEED,      BI_TABLE.FEEDBACK as FEEDBACK,      BI_TABLE.APPLICATION_ID as APPLICATION_ID,      BI_TABLE.NAME as TYPE_NAME,      BI_TABLE.DESCRIPTION as TYPE_DESCRIPTIONfrom HR. BI_TABLE; XML-file: Internet Explorer seems to perform […]

You can only format dates when they are in the canonical date format. This format looks like: YYYY-MM-DDTHH24:MI:SS. You have two options:1. adapt the XML generation process to generate the date in the canonical format and use the format date functions of BI Publisher in the template. 2. adapt the XML generation process to generate […]

This morning a Keynote was given by Charles Phillips, President of Oracle Corporation. In this keynote Charles Phillips gave us an insight on the vision of Oracle and the strategy in marketting this vision throughout it’s customers, partners and of course software offering. Each Challenge was tackled by the different Oracle Offerings there are today.CEO […]