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Opening ceremony by Wim Coekaerts & Janny Ekelson. Nothing much to say about this… First keynote session was brought by Chris Leone about Oracle Fusion applications. Applications is not my thing, but it was nice to see how everything in Fusion apps is integrated like BI and collaboration. My first session was “The best way” […]

People attending Open World to have a closer look at fusion technologies and how to integrate them in your existing applications, need to check out the following session: ID#: S315945 Title: Oracle Forms in the Middle of Middleware with Oracle Product Management Track: Application Servers, Application Grid, and Development Date: 22-SEP-10 Time: 13:00 – 14:00 […]

If we talk about business process integration, we would probably have a different vision and other expectations depending on our role. For example: if we talk to the manager about business process integration, this could mean automate existing manual processes. If we talk to the sales-departement they would expect to have more insight into trends, […]

1.1. Logging In Bpel Logging can be performed on domain-level and system-level and you can use different mechanisms to log events, task details, … In this post I’ve summarized the basic logging functionality you can use on bpel processes. 1.1.1. Process Logging Information Oracle BPEL Process Manager uses the log4j tool to generate log files […]

When you talk about Business Intelligence, the true added value lies in real-time reporting. The dashboards or reports presented to you need to present accurate information about e.g. stock, human resources, bench marking, etc. This real-time reporting could be augmented even more when you can take action straight away when benchmarks aren’t met, campaigns need […]

What is BPEL4People exactly and how does it relate to BPEL, the standard language to describe business processes (Business Process Execution Language). Manoj Das has written an article in SOA Magazine, describing the need for BPEL4People. When we want to automate a business process we need to be able to define system and human tasks […]