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I’ve been checking out the different capabilities and new features of the Adapter-framework in ESB and BPEL for some weeks now and came across some nasty pitfalls, nice-to-knows, … which I would like to share with you. Of course I would like to share thoughts, opinions and start discussions on these topics.ESB: How to define […]

One week to go until Oracle Open World kicks of and it will be my 1st attendance, and to be honnest I’m pretty nervous ;o) The last few weeks I’ve been trying to integrate my oracle bpel processes with a Flex User Interface, and with success … which means I have new material to discuss […]

When you’re installing Oracle Software you always need to specify username and password settings for the administrator-profile, such as for Oracle Application Server or Oracle Database. The same applies when installing Oracle SOA Suite or Oracle Bpel Process Manager Option on Oracle Application Server Entprise Edition. But there’s a catch here, you need to […]

There are different ways to call/instantiate bpel processes from a front-end application.Depending on the customers’ knowledge and expertise the choice between the different solutions can be made accordingly. In this blog-post I will explain some of these options in short: Call Bpel Process from Java-Code: String input = “1450”; // Here you need to define […]

Today I was planning to rapidly demo the features of the DB Adapters in Bpel with a small test-case where master-detail data needs to be inserted … But I already ran into strange behaviour. In this blog-posts I want to give the audience some valuable tips & tricks for common ‘problems’ faced when designing and […]