Category: data integration

In the first part of these entries we discussed how to test your expressions, the importance of optimizing the appearance of a tLogRow component and how to handle windows and views within Talend. This time around, we will be talking about the different ways to get components into your job, how to trace your dataflow […]

This blog contains some convenient tips and tricks that will make working with the open source tool Talend for data integration a lot more efficient. This blogpost will be especially useful for people who are just discovering this amazing tool, yet I am sure that people who have been using it for a while will […]

When developing jobs in Talend, it’s sometimes necessary to run them on different environments. For other business cases, you need to pass values between multiple sub-jobs in a project. To solve this kind of issues, Talend introduced the notion of “contexts”. In this blogpost we elaborate on the usage of contexts for easily switching between […]

When talking about data integration services and depending on the audience you’re talking to, this could be: Data needs to flow between different applications, instead of persisting the data on different data containers => Data Consolidation, Data messaging Extract, transform and load => data warehousing, data consolidation Services that are offered within an enterprise, or […]