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Some time ago a customer asked me if it was possible to have a sitemap on a developed application. Of course one could make a static sitemap and update it each time pages are added/changed but having a generic solution would make life so much easier. This was again an excellent opportunity to make use […]

In one of my previous blogs, I already told we grouped the different QA-checks-you-want-to-perform in a single Apex application. A special attention point is that this application needs to be imported in the workspace where the application resides that you want to control. This is due to the way the apex_ repository views are designed: […]

A very good example of how the Apex Repository can be used for doing QA-work on your Apex development can be found here. You can find there such a UNION’ed select — I talked about in one of my previous posts — showing how you can detect all the components where a condition is set […]

In my previous post I emphasized the power of the Apex dictionary views. On this matter, have also a look at the very complete presentation of Patrick Wolf. In the meanwhile, we further elaborated our idea of building a custom Apex application that should help in doing quality checks on coding standards and guidelines. We […]