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People attending Open World to have a closer look at fusion technologies and how to integrate them in your existing applications, need to check out the following session: ID#: S315945 Title: Oracle Forms in the Middle of Middleware with Oracle Product Management Track: Application Servers, Application Grid, and Development Date: 22-SEP-10 Time: 13:00 – 14:00 […]

Forms 11g holds a lot of interesting new features focused on event-driven architecture, one of these is javascript integration. There are two ways of using javascript with Forms 11g: “call others” and “let others call you”. Javascript can call code in Forms(“Let others call you”) using the new forms trigger “when-custom-javacript-event”. This post is going […]

Apex: integration of new Google API’s Google has released 2 new features on it’s AJAX Search API: Blog bar News bar Both bars allow you to incorporate dynamic content into the layout of your site. I have tried to implement both features into ApEx and they were succesful. In this blog you can read a […]