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A great turnout for the seminar: more than 40 interested attendees, a mix audience of IT managers, project managers and developers. Hof ter Delft was a nice location! Grant Ronald, Oracle Senior Group Product Manager for the development tools division, opened the seminar with a keynote presentation. He started with the Oracle Statement of Direction: […]

Yesterday I followed a session regarding OSB given by Jeff Davis, it was an interesting session with a lot of demo’s regarding using business services and proxy services. Topics that we’re interesting to me during the session and I would like to share with the community: Coherence ships with OSB/Weblogic which gives you the possiblity […]

Ever wondered how to define routing services based on soap services or database stored procedures where you could define routing rules on the request-and response-message. Let’s say you want to define the following scenario:– Call an existing stored procedure that takes as input parameter ’’ and as output parameter the employee-information (firstname, lastname, address, …)– […]

Today I had the opportunity to attend loads of interesting sessions as well, the tips & tricks I’ve picked up regarding ADF, SCM, OWB, JDeveloper. Some of these tips are very obvious, but worth reminding ;o)Tips & Tricks when building applications (with JDeveloper): Use 1 source control system, preferably Subversion ;o) For Continuous integration you […]

The tips & tricks I’ve learned so far at different ODTUG sessions I’ve attended: When you’re thinking about moving to fusion middleware: Use a small subset of tools, no big bang approach: ADF + BC + BPEL ADF Faces is still evolving, so you need to consider the rewrite that’s needed when using Faces as […]

When you want to start learning Webcenter, getting a grasp of the technology, the features … have a more practical view, you can download the SRDemo application to get you started. When you’re going through the installation-guide to set everything up, following tips can help you step-through this installation:– modify the oc4j.cmd before installing the […]

In the different projects I’ve worked on the past few years, I’ve always worked in an Oracle-Java environment. This means I’ve always used an Oracle Database, mostly JDeveloper as my IDE environment and deploying to an OC4J instance or an Oracle IAS instance. During these projects different issues arose regarding business requirements we needed to […]