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When you’re developing a JSF or ADF Faces application and your giving your customer a first testing-experience, you’ll notice the browser’s back button is a very interesting functionality used by a lot of end-users. JSF saves the state of every page loaded in a browser, which means everytime a user clicks the browser back button, […]

There are different ways to call/instantiate bpel processes from a front-end application.Depending on the customers’ knowledge and expertise the choice between the different solutions can be made accordingly. In this blog-post I will explain some of these options in short: Call Bpel Process from Java-Code: String input = “1450”; // Here you need to define […]

In the different projects I’ve worked on the past few years, I’ve always worked in an Oracle-Java environment. This means I’ve always used an Oracle Database, mostly JDeveloper as my IDE environment and deploying to an OC4J instance or an Oracle IAS instance. During these projects different issues arose regarding business requirements we needed to […]