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In a previous post (Starting with ADF 11G Logging), I explained how ADF logging is simple to set up, and how it will enable you to set the logging levels at runtime, without having to restart any server. When I showed this to a colleague of mine, he immedialtely popped the question : “Can’t we use […]

1.1. Logging In Bpel Logging can be performed on domain-level and system-level and you can use different mechanisms to log events, task details, … In this post I’ve summarized the basic logging functionality you can use on bpel processes. 1.1.1. Process Logging Information Oracle BPEL Process Manager uses the log4j tool to generate log files […]

For the deployment of an ADF Application to my standalone OC4J I’ve faced some problems which aren’t clearly explained/solved on OTN.You will find many people facing the same problems when deploying applications to OC4J from jboException until Log4j-exceptions, etc. I will try to address some of these problems in this blog using my own project […]