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On 26 march I attended OBUG CONNECT 2013 at Kinepolis Antwerp. With around 40 sessions to pick from, picking out sessions was not an easy decision. One session that caught the eye was the presentation about Formspider given by Yalim Gerger. While the presentation name and description did not reveal that the presentation was about Formspider, […]

Not every APEX developer should be a Plug-In developer. The APEX developer uses the Plug-In a Plug In developer has created. Following photo shows the pictograms we used during our presentation @ OBUG APEX SIG : During the demo we showed our little green man while we created and elaborated the plug-in via the shared […]

During our presentation at OBUG APEX SIG we showed the different steps a Plug-In developer needs to follow to create an item plug-in from scratch. We now uploaded the plugin in the APEX PLUGIN Directory. You can also see the example on our APEX Plugin demo site, where you  also can download the plugin export […]

Last Thursday (17/06) Oracle Benelux User Group, aka OBUG, organised his first APEX SIG, an initiative of Dimitri Gielis and Roel Hartman. Even though the new version of the product is not yet “in production”, the theme of the day was APEX 4.0. We, at iAdvise, are one of the early promoters of Oracle Application […]