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If we talk about business process integration, we would probably have a different vision and other expectations depending on our role. For example: if we talk to the manager about business process integration, this could mean automate existing manual processes. If we talk to the sales-departement they would expect to have more insight into trends, […]

You’ve read about the ADF Methodology Group that was founded for the masses and the group is still growing and the topics are evolving. More information regarding the ADF Methodology can be found on the Oracle wiki page. Today I’ve added some content regarding a definition on ADF Taskflows, BPM, UML, BPEL, etc. and especially […]

I went to the presentation of Lonneke and Ronald regarding AquaLogic vs. Oracle, which was a really great presentation with a good overview and an objective comparison of both environments. This mix session was 1 of the winning sessions for Oracle Open World and it’s a hot topic nowadays of course.What were the tools that […]

This week I attended the SOA Forum in Lisbon for which Oracle had organized 2 days regarding overall presentations and case studies and then 2 days of expert camps.These expert camps where divided in Advanced SOA and Oracle BPA Suite. I suscribed for the BPA-one because I’m interested in the full development life cycle that […]

One week to go until Oracle Open World kicks of and it will be my 1st attendance, and to be honnest I’m pretty nervous ;o) The last few weeks I’ve been trying to integrate my oracle bpel processes with a Flex User Interface, and with success … which means I have new material to discuss […]

Oracle Business Process Analysis Suite is a new offering in the Oracle SOA Suite Stack which will bridge the gap between business process analysis and execution. In short I will resume the most important features which were discussed during the presentation and demo: => loose integration between modeling and execution environments => full […]