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In the ODI CAB Meeting held during Open World we’ve heard a lot of new insights regarding ODI Suite and several cases. To sum up the main differentiators of ODI when talking about a Data Integration Strategy: ODI Suite: Data Delivery Services by usage of ESB, the mediator ODI Suite: Orchestration of composite services through […]

From the 21st of September until the 25th 2008, Oracle OpenWorld 2008 wil take place in San Francisco. Oracle OpenWorld 2008 is the world’s largest gathering of Oracle customers, partners, developers, and technology enthusiasts. Two sessions will be given by iAdvise/O2U at Oracle OpenWorld 2008: O2U is proud to present it’s customer case study: The […]

On the following website it’s announced, the Oracle Mix nominated sessions are in … And we will fill in a slot regarding Data Integration Services provided in the Oracle Stack, for more information have a look at the mix abstract: On the following blog, you will find all the sessions that have […]

When deploying a process flow using the control center of OWB (11r1), following error is raised: Error: RPE-02062: ItemType PKG cannot be dropped as it has running Processes. You must first abort all the running processes using the Oracle Workflow Monitor.INFORMATIONALRPE-02071: Deployment has been aborted due to a previously reported critial error. I used following […]

OWB Paris : What happened to “Generate intermediate results”??? Prior to OWB Paris, you could easily trap the SQL code that was being generated by OWB in a mapping : you simply had to rightclick on an outgoing group and select “Generate Intermediate Result”. At first sight, this option disappeared in OWB 10G release 2, […]

OWB 10g R2 : Help! Where are my windows? Imagine … You’re enthousiastically editing a table in the Object Editor of OWB Paris. You minimize the Object Details window, and drag it to somewhere on the screen … Unfortunately, by a “slip of the mouse”, you drag it outside the OWB master window, for instance […]