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For a project with Oracle Portal, I had to do some lookups in packages and procedures on the database to get some information about the project.   Since I wasn’t working full-time for this project I had no access to the DB, except via the portal itself. Several times I had the problem that the client wanted a quick […]

Monday morning I followed the session of Lucas Jellema, Putting a Smile on ADF Faces. The presentation was great, especially because Lucas created a demo with some of the features integrated that Steve Miranda had shown in the keynote session regarding Fusion Apps. Take aways from this session: A table can fetch data in an […]

Today I had busy schedule as well … so let’s start talking wright ;o) The first session I attended was the keynote-speech of Thomas Kurian:The acquisition of Coherence has been a huge step forward in datagrid enabling the Oracle Fusion Middleware stack.Coherence could be defined as ‘in parallell processing of transactions which live in-memory and […]