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Yesterday Gert Poel, Yves Van Looy and myself organised a Forms Modernization seminar for customers, developers, partners … everyone that was interested. The seminar was a huge succes and the customers were reassured that Forms is still alive and kicking. First we discussed the improvements customers want to make to their existing forms applications, why […]

From the 21st of September until the 25th 2008, Oracle OpenWorld 2008 wil take place in San Francisco. Oracle OpenWorld 2008 is the world’s largest gathering of Oracle customers, partners, developers, and technology enthusiasts. Two sessions will be given by iAdvise/O2U at Oracle OpenWorld 2008: O2U is proud to present it’s customer case study: The […]

The tips & tricks I’ve learned so far at different ODTUG sessions I’ve attended: When you’re thinking about moving to fusion middleware: Use a small subset of tools, no big bang approach: ADF + BC + BPEL ADF Faces is still evolving, so you need to consider the rewrite that’s needed when using Faces as […]

In one of the previous posts I’ve defined a workaround concerning the nillable attribute being ignored when invoking web services using xsd’s defined in the following manner. Because in bpel you’re not able to define the xsi:nil-attribute at design time, you need to define this manually. The xsi:nil=true-attribute is the solution to tell web services […]

The previous week a customer had problems during my bpel course training of 3 days where we weren’t able to design and deploy external web services due to proxy authentication problems. We were able to create a web service proxy client inside Jdeveloper but when deploying the web service we were always getting the […]

In this session we will have more insight in the different features available in Oracle Enterprise Manager to deploy custom applications. Key message: Use out-of-the-box models to represent your services Monitor your applications from end-user perspective (pro-active and passive) Monitor your application specific metrics => expose via JMX and Web Services Build reports What is […]

Recently I was organizing a seminar regarding Oracle Soa Suite and the focus lied on Securing web services and integration. In my demo I wanted to show the different features of BPEL, ESB and OWSM and of course the ease of integration of these different technologies. The ame was to secure as well existing web […]