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xTra4o stands for “XLIFF Translator for Oracle”, and more specific for APEX. xTra4o is an application that iAdvise has built, already a few years ago, that helps in the translation process of an APEX application. This tool is publicly available as referenced by the APEX OTN site. Read our blogs  referring to this tool, posted in February 2007. […]

While trying to publish an translated application I keep running into the next error: ORA-20001: Sync error: WWV_FLOW_PAGE_PLUGS.PLUG_QUERY_NO_DATA_FOUND … After trying some more I got:WWV_FLOW_PAGE_PLUGS.CSV_OUTPUT_LINK_TEXTWWV_FLOW_PAGE_PLUGS.PLUG_FOOTERWWV_FLOW_PAGE_PLUGS.PRN_PAGE_HEADER After trying 25 times it was finally published but I was not planning to try that often each time. If you are running ApEx version or then this […]

Recently I came across this error while trying to publish a translated application. The application needed to be translated in the polish language, this was the first time that I came across a language with special signs in it. I quickly found out that I cannot just save the xliff file on my windows machine, […]